On the slopes of Montalbano, in the heart of Tuscany, lies one of the most flourishing Italian companies in the pickling business since 1945.

In the ancient culinary tradition of the Tuscany region, Legnano rediscovered an expression of cultural identity which is strongly linked to the territory. Simple ingredients are selected and combined to transform into delicious appetizers and recipes which bring flavor, authenticity, and joy to the table; truly a pleasure to all.

Legnano’s rich heritage, vast experience, and continual efforts in product research, enables us to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Legnano products are healthy, wholesome, and inspire creativity; all while providing a soulful and bright journey through the rich flavors of Tuscan cuisine.

Each product of Legnano is synonymous with quality and taste. Legnano’s rich heritage, vast experience and continual efforts in product research.

Legnano is the true expression for “a passion for pleasure”.